My Marathon is about caring for those who could use a smile, a cheer, and encouragement.  We collect medals from people who have earned them from running half marathons, marathons, or triathlons, and give them to pediatric centers at cancer hospitals, to show them that we think they are running a much tougher marathon than the marathon we just ran.  They deserve this medal. 

‪What I hope to get out of this is a smile on their face, for them to get encouragement to keep fighting the fight they are fighting.

‪I have been to pediatric centers and visited kids there.  My heart goes out to them.  I want to do so much for them but cannot.  I feel so helpless.  This might be something that we all can do to bring a smile to their beautiful faces.

‪I am in need of medals and looking for people like you to donate medals who have earned them by running.  If you have an option to either donate money or a medal, I would rather take the medal.  We don't have a big overhead of medals but we do have a lot of patients, so if you can donate your earned medal that would be greatly appreciated.

We Express Gratitude To Our Team's Supporters:

‪The way it works is I have doctors who work in pediatric centers and are helping me.  Since right now we don't have many medals, doctors are limited as to who gets a medal.  They will email me the number of medals they need.  I will drop them off at their office.  I don't ask who is getting them and don't require any names.  But if patients or their family members want to say something I would be happy to post their stories on here.  Their stories will help us keep running and earning those medals.  I am hoping to get enough medals to give a medal to all the patients who are admitted to give them encouragement to fight this fight and not to give up.